Excellent Valves for Isolation & Control





Management Policy

We aim to conduct happiness to our employees and human society through our production.


We offer ‘optimized original system’ to our customers by listening to customer’s voice, learning from customers, developing our own technologies and introducing new technologies.


In order to put those in practice, we make effort to harmonize a succession and a reformation, respect individual and originality and make an effort toward growth of our company and contribution to society.



Environmental Policy

We promote effective environmental protection activities.


We follow laws and regulations and exclude environmental risks.


We promote energy-saving, resource-saving, reducing of wastes, recycling.


We promote inhouse training and enlightenment activities as a environmentally friendly company.



Quality Policy

We provide high quality products and services to satisfy customer.


We provide safe products to customer.


We continuously improve our products to be complied with customer’s requests and laws & regulations according to the ISO 9001 management system.

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