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CV4300 3 Way Ball Valve

CV4300 3 Way Ball Valve

Valve Type:                                                 Three way ball valve


Valve Nominal Size:                                  DN25 through DN400 or larger; 1 inch through 16 inch


Pressure Rating:                                         PN16, 25, 40; ANSI Class 150, 300


Body Style:                                                  Double flanged O shape three way ball


Flow Characteristic:                                  Quick open


Temperature Range:                                 From -30°C to 200 °C


Body Material:                                            Carbon steel, Stainless steel


Ball Material:                                              Stainless steel with hard chrome plated or stellite overlay


Stem Material:                                            17-4PH, SS316


Seat Material:                                              Metal seat Stainless steel with hard chrome plated or stellite overlay;

                                                                        Soft seat PTFE


Seat Leakage:                                               ANSI IV, V or VI with soft seat


Actuator:                                                       Pneumatic rack and pinion actuator; Pneumatic scotch yoke actuator;

                                           Rotary Diaphragm Actuator; Electric actuator;

                                           Hand-wheel manual for option; Manual operator

Description & Features


CV4300 3-way ball valve provides greater flexibility in operation with L port and T port construction. The L Porting, alternate side ports are shut off at the 0° and 90° positions. Mainly used in the distribution application as a selector valve; T Porting shuts off one side at 0°, the opposite side at 180° and both sides at 90°, mainly used in mixing and diverting application as a true 3-way valve. Widely used in liquid, gas, steam and other fluids distribution and control.


T-port and L-port.


Four-seat design.


Metal or Soft seat.


Bearing protected shafts.


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