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CV1600 Multi Steps Control Valve

CV1600 Multi Steps Control Valve

Valve Type:                                                 Multi-steps control valve for anti-cavitation & low noise


Valve Nominal Size:                                  DN25 through DN200; 1 inch through 8 inch


Pressure Rating:                                         PN16, 40, 100, 160, 250, 400; ANSI Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500


Body Style:                                                  Full guided globe or angle


Trim Type:                                                   Balanced or unbalanced multi-notches plug, multi steps seat retainer


Flow Direction:                                           Flow over the plug; Flow under the plug


Flow Characteristic:                                   Modified linear


Temperature Range:                                 Pressure balanced type from -30°C to 280 °C; Pressure unbalanced type from -30°C to 400°C


Seat Leakage:                                              Metal seat ANSI V; Optional soft seat ANSI VI


Actuator:                                                      Pneumatic cylinder actuator; Pneumatic diaphragm actuator;

                                          Electric actuator; Hand-wheel manual for option



Description & Features

CV1600 Multi Steps Control Valve plug and cage



CV1600 multi steps control valve is specifically designed to handle high temperature, high pressure and high pressure drops where entrained solids are a problem.


Multistage plug design provides high rangeability and throttling resolution, and velocity control, cavitation & vibration & flash elimination, sound level reduction. Trim designs are available as unbalanced or pressure-balanced, with the number of stages optimized for specific service conditions.


Multi steps pressure reducing: seat retainer and plug produced by special process, each dimensions of steps of seat retainer and notches of plug is precise calculated, and analyzed by CFD on the basis of actual special conditions.


Stable motion: full guided plug structure.


Self-cleaning: cutting motions during notches of plug with steps of seat retainer.


Pressure seal for balanced structure: with plug seals and reducing friction force.


Unbalanced plug with pressure relieving groove: to reduce valve inner pressure provides seal gasket protection.


Optimal plug and seat’s life: 0 to 15% travel, sealing exist between pressure-reducing part of plug with seat retainer; 15% to 100% travel, the pressure reduction and velocity is controlled by enough of big flow area where plug with seat.




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