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CV5000 Self Operated Valves

CV5000 Self Operated Valves

CV5000 series self-operated valve (also called pressure regulator) is a spring-loaded usually direct acting regulator, regulator features automatically proportional adjust the pressure variation to stabilize constant pressure value by the process medium. Regulators are widely applicable to control steam, air, various low corrosive gases and low viscosity liquids.


Pressure regulator is either pressure reducing type which regulating outlet pressure or backpressure type which regulating inlet pressure.


Pressure reducing valve: the valve closes when the downstream pressure rises.


Back pressure (Excess pressure) regulator: the valve opens when the upstream pressure rises.


Self-operated valves are available with different structures and accessories for called pressure regulator, temperature regulator, differential pressure or micro pressure regulator, flow regulator and tank blanketing regulator by different application.

Description & Features


Reliable stem sealing: regulator has a long bellows structure, and has sealing ring as backup sealing providing reliable stem sealing extremely.


High accuracy regulating: the friction of bellows stem is far lower than conventional packing structure, and the optimally designed spring and actuator are definitely best combined for process pressure regulating.


Easy top entry in-line maintenance: top-entry design reduces maintenance time and manpower requirements; trim parts can be inspected, cleaned and replaced without removing the main valve body from the pipeline.



Direct operated or pilot operated type.


Pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve or backpressure regulator type.


Pressure unbalanced or pressure balanced plug type.


Single seat or cage guided valve type.


Linear, Equal percentage or quick-open flow characteristics.


Seat leakage: hard sealing: less than 0.003* rated Cv; soft sealing: ANSI VI.


Long bellows stem sealing, no packing.


Diaphragm actuator or bellows actuator; regulating or on-off function.


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