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CV5200 Pressure Regulator

CV5200 Pressure Regulator

Valve Type:                                                 Self operated pressure regulator


Valve Nominal Size:                                  DN40 through DN200; 1.5 inch through 8 inch


Pressure Rating:                                         PN16, 40, 63, 100; ANSI Class 150, 300, 600


Bellows Stem Pressure Rating:               3.8Mpa


Regulating Type:                                        Flanged pressure reducing valve or back pressure regulator


Pressure Registration:                              External or flange of body


Flow Characteristic:                                  Linear or equal percentage EQ% (special processing)


Rangeability:                                              30:1


Temperature Range:                                 (1) Soft sealing and diaphragm actuator: NBR from -29 to 82 °C;

                  FKM from -8 to 120 °C; SR from -48 to 85 °C;

                  EPDM from -38 to 115 °C; PTFE from -40 to 150 °C

                         (2) Bellows actuator: -40 to 300 °C (3) Hard sealing: -40 to 300 °C


Seat Leakage:                                             Hard sealing <0.003* rated Cv; Optional soft sealing ANSI VI


Actuator:                                                     Single-diaphragm actuator; Double-diaphragm actuator; Bellows actuator


Accessories:                                                Isolation tank, Composite joint (exhaust port and pressure gauge),

                                         Overload protection device

Description & Features


CV5200 self-operated pressure regulator is a direct-operated, spring loaded pressure regulator. Valve is pressure-balanced plug structure for high pressure drops service. Pressure proportional control range: from 3KPa to 3600KPa, the operating temperature down to -48°C and up to 300°C. 


Modular design in common: easy to change regulators’ regulating types (downstream or upstream pressure control), different pressure control range and operating temperature by replacement of extremely few parts.


Overload safety: regulators are protected completely while overload pressure is (several to several dozens of times) far higher than the upper limit value of pressure regulating range, and even overload pressure up to the pressure rating of the valve by specific requirement.


Reliable stem sealing: regulator has a long bellows structure, and has sealing ring as backup sealing providing reliable stem sealing extremely.


High accuracy regulating: the friction of bellows stem is far lower than conventional packing structure, and the optimally designed spring and actuator are definitely best combined for process pressure regulating.


Easy adjustment: fast and easy to adjust the pressure setting (set point) by turn the adjusting-nut.


Wide purpose: meet many requirements of various process medium by optional multiple actuator types, valve plug structures, rubber parts materials,.etc.


Pressure balanced plug: suitable for high pressure drops application for minimized the unbalance force by plug O-ring sealing.


Tight shut-off: high sealing performance by single seated plug, and the holding pressure of pipe by soft sealing done.


Stainless steel actuator: ensure high pressure strength and long service life.


Easy maintenance: top-entry and bonnet centering alignment design reduces maintenance time and manpower requirements; trim parts can be inspected, cleaned and replaced without removing the main valve body from the pipeline.


Universal parts: the parts of whole series self-acting regulators are in common, less need of spare parts.


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