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Rotary Diaphragm Actuator

Rotary Diaphragm Actuator


Designed and developed specifically for quarter turn valves. The RD Spring-Diaphragm Rotary Actuators were designed by using advanced, spring-diaphragm technology that focuses on the crank-shaft and the connecting rod.


The RD Spring-Diaphragm Rotary Actuators are designed to be used with minimal pressures when necessary and can be operated by air, gas, water, oil or other supply media. Our housing and cover are constructed with a ductile iron / carbon steel casing that is coated with a polyester powder coating. Our independent media room is equipped with a Buna-N diaphragm reinforced with polyamine fabric. These actuators are designed to work in temperatures as low as -40 °C and as high as 200 °C

Description & Features

RD Spring Diaphragm Rotary Actuator


Universal Mounting Pads - Direct Mount

Offer a combination of different mounting pads that allow you to directly replace existing Spring-Diaphragm Actuator or mount directly to new and existing quarter turn valves.


Namur Mount

Designed to incorporate namur mounting for solenoids, limit switches and positioners.


Multiple Drive Bushing (Removable & Replaceable)

Feature removable drive bushings which allow you to mount our actuators to a number of different new or existing valve stem configurations in the field for existing valves or for new valve applications.


High Cycle Life Design & Low-Friction

Feature a rolling diaphragm design with a one piece diaphragm retainer and UMW Polyethylene bearing which helps to obtain longevity of the life cycle and exceptionally smooth actuation due to the low-friction that is produced during operation.


Reversible in Field Fail Open or Fail Closed Option

Can be quickly and easily changed to the fail open or fail closed positions in the field if necessary.


Torque Ranges

Output torques range from 15 to 796 Nm (133 to 7045 in-lbs) depending on the actuator size and available supply pressure.


Supply Pressures

Can be operated with a number of different supply pressures ranging from 0.8bar to 7 bar (12 PSI to 100 PSI).


Supply Media

Can be operated by air, water, mineral-based hydraulic fluid.


Travel Stops

Have double adjustable travel stops that allow our actuators to be adjusted to the fully open or the fully closed positions.


Mechanical Lockout Option

Can be locked in the spring failure mode.


Corrosion Resistant

Come complete with stainless steel external fasteners which provide durability and protection in corrosive application and atmospheres. Our actuators have a UV polyester resistant coating and a PTFE coating is also available as an option.


Maintenance Free Lubrication

Lubricated at our factory during the time of production and not further lubrication is required during its life cycle.


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