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CV6100 Knife Gate Valve

CV6100 Knife Gate Valve

Valve Type:                                                 Knife gate valve


Valve Nominal Size:                                  DN50 through DN1200; 2 inch through 48 inch


Pressure Rating:                                         PN10, 16; ANSI Class 150


Body Style:                                                  Wafer or lugged knife gate


Temperature Range:                                 Metal seat from -30°C to 230 °C; PTFE seat from -30°C to 100 °C;

                                          EPDM seat from -20°C to 100 °C


Body Material:                                            Carbon steel, Stainless steel


Stem:                                                             Stainless steel


Gate Material:                                             Stainless steel with hard chrome plated


Seat Material:                                              Stainless steel with hard chrome plated or stellite overlay, PTFE, EPDM


Seat Leakage:                                               ANSI IV, V, VI or zero leakage


Actuator:                                                       Pneumatic Cylinder actuator; Manual operator

Description & Features

CV6100 Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve


CV6100 knife gate valves are linear shut off valves that are light weight with compact construction. Valves are available as manual with hand-wheel, or can be automated with pneumatic cylinder actuator for remote operation. The arc shape of the gate of our knife gate valve is designed to be particularly suitable for cutting off fluid containing fiber or suspended particles, so the knife gate valves are ideal for many applications in the process industries of Pulp & Paper, Wastewater Treatment, Mining, Sugar Making, and Chemical Processing.


Double steam bearings: At the top of the yoke, knife gate valves are equipped with two stem bearings for reduced torque and easy operation.


Internal packing: Packing gland and packing are internally located, packing leakage can be avoid by construction.


Travel aligning block: Travel aligning block is made in soft material backing with stainless steel screw located at the inlet to offer reliable supportive force to align the travel of gate which may be deviated by the accumulated medium between body cavity and gate during the closing, therefore good tightness can be ensured and clogging risk can be prevented.


Replaceable Seats: Seats in the knife gate valves are backed with by an O-ring to give the seat a self-compensating wear function. This results in excellent seat tightness and prolonged life cycle. When seats do wear and need replacement, maintenance to change the seats is easy and fast. Available seat materials include metal seated, EPDM seated, and PTFE seated.


Gate Design: Each gate is precision ground and hard chrome plated as a standard. This provides superior abrasion and corrosion resistance. The arc shape design of the bottom of the gate is particularly suitable to provide strong cutting force for pulp media.


Port Shape Option: Custom port shapes including V-port, triangle port, and hexagon port are available.


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