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CV2000 Cage Control Valves

CV2200 Pressure Balanced Control Valve





Control valve has cage guided trim, design with features suited for maximum capacity Cv and severe application solutions. Fast, easy maintenance in both gas and liquid control.

These valves allow stable control on closing and opening the valve against the thrust of fluid and are available for applications not only general purpose but also controlling high temperature and high pressure for power generation plants and chemical plants,. Etc. especially, these valves are suited for low noise application because of the superior noise reduction effect at high load. Compact design, but with high thrust, multi-spring type diaphragm actuator and cylinder type actuator will be applicable to this type.






Description & Features











Higher flow capacities with smaller and more cost effective valve sizes: valve bodies feature smooth, streamlined gallery with minimum resistance of flow.

Stable motion, vibration and noise reduction by tough seat-retainer (cage).

Wide adjustable range and high precision and reduce required thrust force of actuator by pressure-balanced plug design.

High quality packing has zero valve stem leakage for environment protection.

Meet NACE standard, material selection and heat treatment strictly according to NACE MR0103/0175, applicable in services of Sulfide-containing fluids for corrosion resistant requirements.

Standard linear, quick open or equal percentage characterized ported cages

Wear resistance SS trim by standard treatment, and prevent trim sticking or galling by advanced design and technology, high grade material and fine pairing.

Low noise and resist cavitation trim optional.

Design and make special fluid curves for severe service.

Wide application, wide applicable in condition of high pressure, high pressure drop, .etc.

Electric actuator or pneumatic actuator mounting; valve body nitriding treatment; oil-free treatment; bellows sealing; steam jacket; miscellaneous material of body and trim is Optional.






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