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RE Electric Actuator

Electric Actuator

Powerful function: intelligently; proportionally type, switch type; it has all kinds of signal output type you wish for.


Small volume: the volume is just about thirty five percent of product of same kind.


Beautiful appearance: outer casing is pressure-cast with Al alloy, fine and evenly electromagnefc disturance.


Wear-resistance: the worm-wheel output axle’ integration design avoids the stitch closure in connection place of key, the transmission precision high, forged with special copper alloy, with features of high strength and super wear-resistance.


Safety guarantee: has passed AC 1500V pressure-withstand test, F grade of insulated electric machine, which guarantees the operation safety.


Easily forming complete set: adopting single-phase power, simplifying wire connection from outside; it also can be 380V DC power.


Using simply: don’t need add-oil, point-check, and owns performance of water proof and antirust, could be installed at any angle.


Protection appliance: double position-limiting, over-hot protection, overload protection (optionally).


Many kinds of speed: whole stroke time has many kinds as 9s, 13s, 15s, 30s, 50s, 100s (before dispatching from the factory in order to establish).


Antirust and anticorrosion: complete-machine support, both coupling and screw are made of stainless steel.


Intelligently numerically-control: the function of intelligently controlling module’ height is integrated into electric appliance’ body, the externally-connected localizer is not required. Numerically setting, numerically regulating, highly accurate, self-diagnosis many functions on one machine.

REA Electric Actuator

Electric Explosion Proof Actuator


REA actuators can be used for driving and controlling the butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valve. The actuator can be either remotely controlled or locally controlled, they are widely used in the fields such as oil, chemistry, power generation, water treatment, paper making.


The protection class is IP67, and the explosion proof class is dIIBT4 (with letters of ‘Ex’)


The operation manual is applied for Non explosion proof type, For special type actuators, the additional manual will be provided.


Housing: Hard anodized aluminum casting and external epoxy powder coated against severe industrial environment.


Gearing: precisely machined double worem gear c/w minimum back-lash, low noise, high output torque.


Self locking: provided by double worm gearing to keep position of valve unchanged against reverse torque from valve.


Motor: specially designed induction motor to generate high starting torque and high efficiency equipped with thermal protector to prevent damage from over heating, insulation class F.


External mechanical stopper: prevents over run of travel angle when limit switch fails.


Torque switches: protect actuator from damage caused by overload from the driven valve over the whole travel each for open/close.


Limit switches: directly engaged with driving shaft to set accurate position of valve, supplying a dry contact signal.


Terminal: spring loaded push type terminal for tight wiring connection under severe vibration.


Space heater: anti-condensation.


Manual override: auto/manual switchable lever and handwheel engagement for emergency manual operation, drive force automatically resorted by motor start, unless lever padlocked to prevent this occurring.


Handwheel: manual operated, turn on/off valve directly when power off.


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