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Pressure Reducing & Desuperheating Valves

Pressure Reducing & Desuperheating Valves

Structure Type:                                                 Split insert type pressure reducing & desuper-heating valves


Pipe Size:                                                            DN80 through DN600; 3 inch through 24 inch


Pressure Reducing Valve Nominal Size:       DN80 through DN400; 3 inch through 16 inch


Spray Water Valve Nominal Size:                  DN20 through DN50; 0.75 inch through 2 inch


Pressure Rating:                                                PN16, 40, 63, 100, 160, 250, 400; ANSI Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500


Body Style:                                                         Double top stem guided or cage guided globe, or angle


Trim Type:                                                          Unbalanced plug or balanced plug; Multi-stages trim, Labyrinth trim


Flow Direction:                                                 Flow to open; Flow to close


Flow Characteristic:                                         Equal percentage EQ%; Linear


Temperature Range:                                        Up to 650°C;


Seat Leakage:                                                     ANSI IV or V


Actuator:                                                             Pneumatic cylinder actuator; Pneumatic diaphragm actuator;

                                                 Electric actuator; Hand-wheel manual for option

Description & Features

Pressure Reducing & Desuperheating Valves Application -1Pressure Reducing & Desuperheating Valves Nozzle


The device is composed of pressure reduce system, temperature reduce system, safety protection system and thermal control system, It has pressure reducing valve, steam mixed pipe (with nozzle), safety valve, feed water control valve, filter, stop valve, temperature reduce water pipe, flange and so on.


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