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CV1400 Shut Off Valve

CV1400 Shut Off Valve

Valve Type:                                                 Shut off globe valve


Valve Nominal Size:                                  DN20 through DN300; 0.75 inch through 12 inch


Pressure Rating:                                         PN16, 40, 100, 160, 250, 400; ANSI Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500


Body Style:                                                  Double top stem guided globe or angle


Trim Type:                                                   Unbalanced plug


Flow Direction:                                           Flow over the plug; Flow under the plug


Flow Characteristic:                                   Quick open


Rangeability:                                               50:1


Temperature Range:                                 Standard bonnet type from -29°C to 250 °C; Extension type from -100°C to 650°C;

                                          Bellows type from -60°C to 537°C; Cryogenic type down to -196°C


Seat Leakage:                                              ANSI V or VI


Actuator:                                                      Pneumatic cylinder actuator; Pneumatic diaphragm actuator;

                                          Electric actuator; Hand-wheel manual for option

Description & Features


For on-off service, quick open plug is employed. CV1400 control valve is primarily designed to produce maximum flow quickly. 

Attention: most power plant using flow characteristic linear replaced quick open to reduce water hammer as valve’s flow direction is flow to close. 


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