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Flush Bottom Valve

Flush Bottom Valve

Valve Type:                                                 Flush Bottom Discharge Valve


Valve Nominal Size:                                  DN25 through DN200; 1 inch through 8 inch


Pressure Rating:                                         PN16, 40, 64, 100; ANSI Class 150, 300, 600


Body Style:                                                  Single seat globe


Flow Characteristic:                                  Quick open


Rangeability:                                              30:1


Temperature Range:                                 From -45°C to 650°C


Seat Leakage:                                             ANSI IV, V or VI


Actuator:                                                     Pneumatic cylinder actuator; Pneumatic diaphragm actuator;

                                         Hand-wheel manual for option

Description & Features


Flush Bottom Valve, body is Y-shaped, widely used in two position switches high viscosity liquid, fluid as containing fiber, or easy crystalized or precipitated, especially in discharge at the bottom of tank.



Simple flow path.


Large flow capacity.


Perfect clearance.


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